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There are almost 5,000 online dating sites worldwide! 2,500 in the US alone. Finding the right one can be confusing and very time consuming. Not to mention costly, as most sites require a paid sign-up before they reveal what's really there. This site Gives an overview of which sites are the most popular and why. What is the focus focus and what you can expect from the individual sites. These are the different dating site categories:







  Adult Friend Finder

  -  53 million members  -  Adult dating / Hook-Ups  -  Worldwide
Adult Friend Finder is one of the oldest dating / hook-up sites on the internet. It has been around since 1996, and has a huge, still growing, member base. 53 million active members worldwide! Adult Friend Finder is also popular due to it's features and support. The focus of the site is to find a partner for some adult fun, rather than dating or a relationship. The initial signup for Adult Friend Finder is quick and easy, but you have the opportunity to specify very comprehensively what you like and what you are looking for. The site is great at finding compatible people by matching passions and desires. The amount of people can be overwhelming, but all in all it is a good thing, as more people equals more opportunities.

  Ashley Madison

 -  31 million members  -  Affairs  -  Worldwide (Most popular in the US)
Ashley Madison is the most popular site in the US for people who wants an affair. The site has over 5 million members in the US alone, and 30 million worldwide. The site is for married people or people in long-term relationships, who wants to have some secret adult fun with someone else. Ashley Madison is the perfect place to find an affair, as most people on the site are likeminded people who can keep a secret, and will not judge. Ashley Madison has great design and features, it's easy to get started, and there are plenty of members to match up with. This is definitely one of the best sites for finding an affair.

  Amigos Calientes

 -  40 million members  -  Latin adult dating / Love finding  -  Worldwide
Amigos Calientes is the largest adult dating site for Latino people around the world. It has 40 million members. (5 million in the US alone) Amigos Calientes is owned by the Friend Finder, one of the oldest and biggest dating networks. Amigos Calientes is fast and easy to join, but has plenty of features, should you choose to use them. The site is about finding adult fun rather than love and lasting relationships. Casual hook-ups and explorations of fantasies and desires. This site is one of the best on the internet, if you are looking for a Latin lover for the night.



  -  Unknown member count  -  Love finding  -  US/CA/AU/NZ/UK/NO/DK/SE
RussianBrides is a dating site for American and European men, who wants find love with Russian and Ukrainian women. Russian dating sites have gotten a very bad reputation, as many of them are scams. This site is however 100% legit. RussianBrides has spent over $1 million to secure trustworthy connections. If you are looking for Russian / Ukrainian love, this is the best and most secure site for sure. It has a large member base, and is fairly easy to use. The focus is on lasting relationships and marriage, so if you are looking for hook-ups, this is not the site. RussianBrides comes highly recommended.

  -  1 million members  -  Fetish  -  Worldwide is one of the biggest Fetish / BDSM / Dark fantasy sites on the internet. If you are looking for some kinky adult fun with an edge to it, is a very good place to search. The site if part of the Friend Finder network, which is on of the oldest, largest and most well established dating companies on the internet. has an extensive feature set, which makes the site excellent at matching people. Whatever you desire, you will find likeminded people on The site is for both single men / women and couples. is highly recommended for anyone who is looking for a some hot kinky playtime.

  Tranny Dates

  -  30 million members  -  Tranny dating / Hook-Ups  -  Worldwide
Tranny Dates is the largest dating site for tranny's and shemales. The main problem with regular tranny sites, is that there are never enough members. This site has a huge member base of 30 million, and the ratio of trannies vs. people looking for trannies is really good. Tranny Dates is part of the Friend Finder network, which is the oldest, largest and most well established dating / hook-up networks on the internet. Tranny Dates has an excellent feature set, that will find you a perfect match at ant time, anywhere. The design and functionality of the site is great, but what makes this site stand out from the rest, is the large amount of members.



 -  10 million members  -  Hook-Ups / Friends / Love / Social networking  -  US/UK/CA
Fubar is the perfect combination of a social network and a dating site. It has functionalities from both sides, which makes it unique and very fast growing. If you imagine a FaceBook where adult content is allowed, and you connect to meet people instead of keeping contact with people you already know. That's what Fubar is. A place to meet new people, geared towards dating or hook-ups. The site is well designed, and has plenty of features. Fubar also have a large member base of 10 million worldwide, so meeting people for friendship or adult fun is easy. Fubar is for everyone, but as with other social networks, it's the young adults that joined the site first.

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The Free Dating Sites is constantly expanding it's reviews. More dating sites of women seeking men and men seeking women will constantly be added. The world of dating websites is dense and confusing, however, The Free Dating Sites page will bring light to the internet's free online dating sites worldwide. Free dating sites have become a massive business, and not all sites are legit, so it's difficult to know which sites to trust, and which to avoid. Women seeking men and men seeking women are not always an equal ratio, which this site will try to cover too. An unequal ratio on any dating websites, will bring frustrations rather than dates / hook-ups. Free online dating should be fun and lead to a real life meet up and date nights. The Free Dating Sites will guide you to success. Women seeking men for a date night on a free online dating site.

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